garage door opener


Your garage door may be working fine. But you do not have to wait for the time when you need any emergency garage door service in order to replace your existing one. If you are able to replace your existing garage door before you need to make use of emergency garage door repair service San Antonio, it would save you a lot of headache and expense later on. There are many reason why you should opt for garage door replacement and not garage door repair. Some of these reasons are given here. Opt for no key system.

Your garage door opener may be operating through keys. There is a high chance that you may be forgetting these keys at times or even losing them. So rather than opting for a garage door service each time you misplace your keys, you must opt for a no key option. This means having a keypad installed outside your garage. Here you need to enter a code to open your garage. Or else, you may even opt for the newer types that operate on fingerprint detection.

You will not require to remember a code in this case. Battery operated option. In case you are trying to open your garage door manually in case of a power outage, there is a high chance that you would require the services of a garage door spring repair person very soon. Hence a good option will be to get your old garage door opener replaced with one that already has a battery backup built into it. This means that in case you are facing power outage, the battery backup will kick in automatically and your garage door will open.

Security reasons. In case your garage door opener is too old, there is a high chance that someone may be able to access the code even from a distance. This can be easily done by thieves who are keeping an eye on your garage. Thus you must ask your garage door service to provide you one with rolling codes. This means that you can keep on changing your garage door opening codes. This way nobody would be able to get access to your code and open your garage. Too Noisy. The earlier versions of garage door opener used to operate with a chain drive mechanism. This was quite noisy. Also, it tends to get noisier with time due to wear and tear.

In case you feel that you are making too much noise and disturbing your household each time that you open your close your garage door, it means that it is time for you to replace your garage door opener. The ones available today are operating through a belt drive or a screw drive. You can make use of these as they do not make much noise. In case you are not comfortable with this newer system of garage door opener, you can simply opt for a new garage door opener based on the chain drive mechanism. Even this will make lesser noise than your older one!