Homeowners in San Antonio who have already purchased a garage door will know that the selling company offers comprehensive services including delivery and installation. If the door is damaged, it is a good idea to get it repaired and replaced immediately.

Those with moderate skills at installation and repair can do the job on their own following the right process. Here is a step by step process for garage door repair and replace garage door openers.

Step 1 – Check the operation of the garage door. If there is difficulty in opening and closing the door, the issue is likely with the springs, rollers or tracks. It is a good idea then to work with the door down as this will help avoid any inadvertent accidents.
Step 2 – If the issue is with the wall switch, check the switch first. It has to be replaced if the opener runs when you touch one terminal with the wire. If the remote works but the door does not open, the switch wires or wall switch must definitely be replaced.
Step 3 – If there is nothing wrong with the wall switch, check if the remote functions properly. If it does not, first check the batteries. If the batteries are perfect, then purchase a new receiver and insert it into the outlet. The two wires to the opener must then be run.
Step 4 – If all the above parts work perfectly, you must inspect the door. If the door goes down only when the wall switch is held down, it means the sensors are malfunctioning. Then you should replace or align the safety sensor. Remember that sensors are brand-specific.
Step 5 – When you push the remote or wall switch and there is no light or sound, check the power outlet. If there is power, you must remove the circuit board for inspection. A couple of plugs must be disconnected after loosening a few screws. A bad, damaged circuit board in the garage door openers must be replaced. The circuit board is an entire unit that includes the wire terminals and the light bulb. Use a ¼ inch nut driver to unplug the board and replace it with a new one.
Step 6 – If the problem is with the opening of the door, check the trolley carriage. If it is damaged or malfunctioning, you must install a new trolley. Reassembling the trolley is faster if the chain is clamped down and the rail left attached to the opener.
Step 7 – You must also check the main drive gear. If the door does not open and all you hear is a grinding noise, you must replace the gear. Use a table top to remove the old gear and fix the new main drive gear.

You can follow this process to replace garage door openers.