Your garage door has all to do about security, safety, and convenience. A normal garage door opener should give your value for nearly 12 years, but it can still serve longer with timely, routine care. Interestingly, taking care of the door is simple, supposed to be done several times per year.

1- Broken Garage Door Spring Repair, Garage Door spring Replacement, Spring Repair and replacement can be done following the below steps

Understand your garage door

Foremost, know your type of door opener system. All types of garage door openers have similar parts, which needs proper maintenance. Your door opener is likely to have any of the following door drives,


  1. a) Screw drives system, made of threaded rod that moves vertically opening your door. The system is usually slower but best for the heavy tilt doors.
  2. b) Belt drive systems, this system uses a rubber belt to lift the door, they are the smoothest and easy to operate.
  3. c) Chain drive system they are the most used with the advantage of being cheap. A metal chain raises and lowers the door.


Whether you are installing a new door opener or repairing an old one, talk with a professional from San Antonio Garage Door Experts, to help you learn adjusting your new door opener system.


The key to taking care is following the product manual, in case it is missing, the manufacturers web site cannot miss. The manual can downloaded from the website, together with old models. The manual has step-to-step guide to power unit, troubleshooting and maintenance information.

Closely visually examine, all the mounting cables, brackets, tracks and supports, looking for loose , worn out or bent item, in case of any replace, adjust and tighten them

Inspect the cord connection for the opener and the electric output making sure it is safe and not frayed. If the opener source of power is batteries, check and replace them if need be.

Always ensure the remote control or the wall control are powered, in remotes which are battery powered, the battery should be checked to ensure enough charge to operate the door, weak remotes will lead loose door responses.

Test and adjust the door opener auto reverse system, this is the part that opens the door promptly, if it hits any foreign body while closing. Make sure its two electric eyes are aligned, always ensure they are wiped, and replacement done in case of faulty one.

Timely interval lubrication should be done on the moving parts of the door, this will mostly be dictated by the type of system, the moving chain and belt should be lubricated frequently to facilitate smooth lowering and rising of the door. Lubrication also prevents any noise from the moving parts.

Caution, only use lithium spray or white lithium oil to lubricate. Normal oils will usually cause clogging of the door opener, making it hardened.

Always the test the manual handles, in case of power loss, the door can be opened manually. It is always advisable to test the manual practically even before a door problem arises.

To prevent the opener from straining, make sure you set the closing limit properly and the safety reversing is deactivated. This will ensure the door opener remains tight. Never loosen or tighten the fixing bolts for the opener.