garage bent door


Your garage door panels may have been damaged through improper use or old age may have taken a toll on them due to many years of wear and tear. A panel which is dented or damaged may greatly lower the aesthetic value of your garage and your home. Bent garage door panels not only affect the beauty of your garage door, but also may also lead to worse structural issues, which could have been averted by simply replacing the broken panel. The best thing is that anyone can do garage door panel repair without difficulty. The cost replacing a damaged garage door is usually a fraction of the entire garage door.
To replace your bent door panel contact emergency garage door repair service San Antonio to get free estimate or try to fix it yourself. This process is simple if you follow the steps below.

Safety First

Observation of safety precaution is the first step before garage door repair service replacing a bent garage door panel. Check and ensure that the electricity, safety cables and springs used for the automatic doors are disconnected before you can fix or replace anything.

Taking Measurement

Take measurement of the actual bent door panel, not the trims. Order the new replacement panel that you will need and prepare your working area. Always be sure to check for the correct garage door panels. Even if the panels look similar be sure to check the model of your door because other panels may not fit.

Removing the Springs and Lowering the Door

To ensure absence of spring tension on the door when removing it, you will need to detach the door springs. Garage doors are both very heavy and very awkward, it’s therefore advisable to have someone assisting you. After removing the garage door springs, manually lower the door. Be careful because without the springs holding the door it will be extremely heavy.

Start Removing Damaged Panels Individually

Next, take out bent garage door panel, be extra cautious so as not to cause more damage to other panels. At the top-center brace locate a pin which you should remove. After doing so the first panel slides out. Repeat the process until you remove the faulty panel.

If the bent panel is the lower one, you will be required to take down the one on the upper side first. The lower pane can then be removed by sliding it upwards.

 Mount the New Panels

Mounting of new panels is a very easy process. All that is needed is reversing what you did when removing the broken panel. By following the steps carefully you will experience no problems. By the way, if you have a wooden garage door and you replace a panel repainting is needed to ensure uniformity in all the panels.

Finish Up

After you are finished with replacing the broken panel open the garage door upwards. Now then reconnect electricity, springs and plug to the garage door openers. You can now use your garage door to its normal use.