Garage Door Installation, New Garage Door Install, Garage Door Installation Company in San Antonio are done by San Antonio Garage Experts. In order to install a new garage door, you will need several materials. You obtain them at your nearest hardware shop, or you can get in touch with an expert to help you in acquiring them. For a new garage door, you will need assorted tracks and hardware that will be used to the doorway opening. You will also require weather-stripping that will used in forming a seal on the bottom of the door. Do not forget to purchase hinged panels, and the garage door sections.

Some of the tools that you will use during the installation are locking pliers, impact drivers, and wrenches. The ratchet wrench will be used to tighten bolts on machine screws, and the impact drivers will be used to drive screws through brackets and hinges. Locking pliers, on the other hand, will be used to hold the door while it is open in order to attach the springs on the torsion tube. A ladder will come in handy when installing the opener, cables, and springs.

When you get started with the bottom panel, install hinges on the middle of each section, this will allow the door to turn the truck. On the end of the door, the hinge goes in each section where you get to insert a roller to keep the door on the track. On the bottom section will be a bracket that you will attach to the cable and connects back to the spring and will enable the door to move up and down. Fit the weather-stripping at the bottom and use a bracket to screw them together. You can use the coarse thread lag screws if you have any. The good thing is that the edges of the door are usually made of hardwood as opposed to the middle section that are soft wood.

Take the panel and place it upright on the floor of the doorway, the weather-stripping should already have been screwed together with the brackets. You should be able to measure appropriately and insert the rollers/wheels on both sides of the panel. This will be done on all the brackets and hinges. Take the track and wrap it around the wheels, make sure to leave a little bit of space between the track and the door. Now lag screw the track to the door frame, do not lag screw in so tightly because you may need to adjust the track position later. You may use different lag screws for the center panel because there is a piece of metal holding through. Gently drop the panel on top of the first panel ensuring the rollers fit into the track.

Now go ahead and tighten the lag screw between the panels on the hinge, there should already be drilled hole on the hinge. You should repeat the same procedure for successive panels until you finish the top part. In case you need help with adding cable and torsion tubes you can contact a San Antonio Garage Expert for further assistance.