The safety sensor on your garage door inhibits the garage door from closing on an object, most probably a kid or a pet. In principle, the garage door opener sensor has one photoelectric detector which transmits infrared radiation. When this radiation do not reach the receiver, the sensor system cut off the garage door closing circuit and then reverse it. This prevents death and injuries since garage doors are very heavy and dangerous.

At present, garage door installation is done with the safety features in place unlike the previous garage doors. San Antonio Garage Door Experts are giving garage door service discount and having your garage door installed with efficient garage door sensors that will give you both safety and a sure way of accessing your garage door.

Garage door opener safety sensors break off the closing circuit and forces the garage door to open if it detects an obstacle. In order to be able to install safety feature in your garage, you requires consideration to electric wiring and adjustment of the devices.

In order to install the garage door opener safety sensors, The following procedure can be followed.

Before doing any garage door repair on an automatic garage door opener, ensure you first unplug the electric cable from the socket. After cutting off the circuit system, follow the steps below:

1) Drive the safety sensor, held with carriage bolt, against its provided bracket. Using your hands, secure the two parts together with a wing nut. Do the same for the other safety sensor device.

2) Hold the bracket’s clip onto the garage door’s track near the ground by pressing. Then slip the bracket through the track such that it is about 6 inches above the surface. Ensure that the sensor is facing the other side of the garage doorway. Do the safe for the second bracket and sensor assemblage.

3) Trace the ends of the wiring that extend from the safety sensors. Technically, each sensor have one white and one black and white cable. Pull the two wires away from each other so that you spread the out. Strip a small length of insulation off the tips of both wires

4) Attach the safety sensor’s wiring on the garage’s interior wall by pressing. Using a staple gun, secure it on the wall with insulated stables. Ensure you do not pierce the wires when doing this.

5) Then, Run the wires of the garage door opener sensors up following the wall and garage ceiling till they meet the overhead opener motor. Hold the wires on the wall 7 inches apart using the insulated staples.

6) Using a ladder, Access the motor. Twist the white wires together carefully and locate the white terminal on the motor and fix the wires into the terminal and secure using a flat head screwdriver. Do the same for the black wire.

7) Climb down the ladder and keenly observe the safety sensors. Ensure that the devise lights are blinking. This indicates that they are not aligned.

8) Loosen one of the wing nuts and adjust the sensor’s locus on the track till the lights on each sensor turn solid.

9) Finally, activate the garage door opener and check if it is working properly.

Garage door safety feature installation procedure is a technical task, this is because an individual need to not only have some knowledge on the garage door, but also the cabling skills. Apart from that, it is better if on hire a technician to ensure that the installation is done properly and tested.