The garage being one of the places visited most at home needs to be well maintained through routine inspections. Professional experts in garage door service, garage door spring repair and garage door installation from San Antonio Garage Door Experts provide essential tips for homeowners when it comes to routine inspections of the garage door. Several causes bring about having a broken garage door springs. However, some of these breakages can be reduced by undertaking regular garage door service, garage door spring repair and using the right experts for your services. San Antonio Garage Door Experts get loved for their professionalism, expertise and experience in garage door service and garage door spring repair. They also offer free advice to their clients on how to deal with broken garage door springs. Here are a few things that could be causing your garage door springs to break.

1. Rust

When there is rust on your garage door spring, it will increase the friction on the door’s coil as it moves. Rust will also reduce the lifespan of the springs, and you can minimize the effect of corrosion by spraying lubricants at least three to four times in a year.

2. Ill-advised cost saving

When you contract the services of an inexperienced garage door repairer, he will end up giving you the wrong advice and services. Here at San Antonio Garage Door Repair Experts, we always advise you to have two torsion springs for your garage door so as to have proper and functioning garage door. Using a single spring will lead to the spring breaking very soon before its lifespan is complete.

3. Improper maintenance

Although the garage door springs will break one day as a result of wear and tear, undertaking proper maintenance will lengthen their lifespan. With proper maintenance, you can detect when the springs have some problems and hence repair before the problem escalate.

4. Wear and tear

We all know that the garage door springs bear all the weight of the doors when opening. As you open and close the garage doors, they cause wear and tear and in most cases, the springs have an individual lifespan. The more you use the door, the more you increase the wear and tear and eventually the springs will break when their lifespan is over.

5. The season

Although this is not one of the leading causes of garage door springs breaking, it somehow plays a role. Most garage door springs are known to break during the winter when they have contracted hence increasing the friction as you open and close the door. You need to oil so as to reduce the resistance and increase the garage door springs’ lifespan.

6. The use of inferior quality materials

When you have to find and using the best garage door springs, you need to ensure that you use high-quality products from trusted and reputable manufacturers. The right quality of the product will offer you several years of services before they break and ask for a replacement. Here at San Antonio Garage Door Experts, all our garage door service, garage door spring repair and installation use high-quality products that will offer you several years of services.