Our professional technicians can replace garage door openers and broken door springs and enhance a good door operation to avoid any hazards. We do fix them safely and on time.

The main use of the spring on the garage door is to make it easier when lowering or raising it with assistance of opener or doing it manually. With the time the springs do wear out due to many factors like weather changes which weaken metals leading to breakage. Sometimes it split making it harder to lift the door or even lower it. Most of the springs have the expected time to last simply refer as cycle. An up and down one time is equivalent to one cycle. Most of the springs last to about 10,000 cycles. When springs reach its life cycles they normally break and release tension hence unable to balance the door.

At this point it’s advisable to contact experts to handle the situation to avoid a serious injury as well as determining the correct size and good quality of replacing springs. Our technicians have a remarkable knowledge in this area based with their long term and industrial experience on fixing springs on garage doors.

The garage door openers keep changing with time and latest models offering high security and safety. A proper garage door opener should have a well working safety reversing feature. It should not make any kind of noise when being operated. One may opt to upgrade their existing openers with newer keypad to avoid remembering code. Older garage door openers don’t have keypads that are mounted outside the garage. The feature allows entering code without using keys to open the garage door. While choosing the right garage door opener our staff offers great advice in order to make the right choice. They will also examine your broken garage door opener fully and come up with the right replacement. We have great various ranges of openers from leading brands.

The most common repairs carried out while replacing garage door opener include: limit switched, drive trains and belts, motor, circuit boards, switches, warn gears and sprockets. Other needs adjusting for proper functioning.

A spring that was not properly adjusted or poorly maintained may break. That why we offer spring repair and replacement. There two common garage door springs used namely: extension springs and torsion springs. You should never attempt to replace either of them, but you should contact the specialists to replace since there a lot of things one need to consider when replacing.

Torsion springs are located above the garage door and they lift the entire door weight. When they break they usually cause a loud bang making a door not to go up. Replacing your spring with a wrong one will cause your opener to break quickly and the entire door coming off tracks. With our garage door experts we will only replace with the correct springs.

Extension springs attach the horizontal track to the ceiling. They are normally used on smaller garage doors and they have a cycle of 15,000 an average of 8 to 10 years. The door may stop when going up and you tend to see gaps between the springs. They become elongated due to loss of the tension. With San Antonio Garage Door Experts 24/7 availability services and highly knowledgeable experts reach out to us for this service.