Almost all homeowners in San Antonio will have a garage with a door. Garage openers are motorized devices that help people open and close their garage doors. There are many types of garage door openers. These can be broadly described as door openers that are remotely controlled and that can be operated with the help of a manual switch.

Homeowners must keep a few essential guidelines in mind as they go shopping for the right garage door opener. Here is a quick checklist that will help people shop for the appropriate garage door openers in San Antonio.

  • Silent and smooth operation – Most people look for door openers that operate noiselessly. Especially if there is a room located above or close to the garage, it is imperative to buy a low noise, smooth operating door opener.
  • Secure remote control technology –To keep burglars from guessing the code, it is a good idea to choose a technology that uses a non-repeating access code every time the user operates the remote control.
  • Reduced signal interference – As the garage door is easily accessible to burglars, it is important to ensure that it cannot be opened with ease. Sometimes, signals from neighboring door openers interfere and may even open your garage door. Interference can be reduced with the help of a dual frequency garage door opener that will switch between frequencies automatically.
  • Lights – Choose a garage door opener with overhead lights. Homeowners can choose the motion activated lighting that will light up the garage automatically when opened remotely. Alternately, they can also choose to install lights that are independently controlled with a switch.

  • Battery power – This aspect is very vital as a powerful battery backup allows users to use the garage door opener even during power outages. This feature however is included only in the expensive, high-end models.
  • Motor power – With the help of San Antonio garage door experts, homeowners must determine the motor power needed for their garage doors. There are many different types of garage doors such as the heavy insulated models, solid wood doors, glass doors and the lightweight, non-insulated doors in aluminum. Doors that are light in weight can be handled with a ½ horsepower opener while those that are heavy will require a ¾ horsepower opener.
  • Height of the garage door – Doors that are up to 7 feet high can accommodate most garage door openers available in the market. Those that are taller may need extra extension kits.

These are a few important aspects to keep in mind while shopping for the right garage door opener. Keeping this checklist handy will help people identify and purchase door openers perfectly suited to their needs.