Most homes in San Antonio have a garage with both a door and a door opener. But your garage door can experience troubles at any time. If your garage door is not working, first check whether the power source is disrupted. Also, make sure the motor unit is plugged in. Secondly, check if the batteries in the remote are in good condition since exhausted batteries is the reason 9 out of 10 times. Try replacing the old batteries with new ones. If the problem persists even after that, check below for some of the common garage door repairs solutions.

1) Door getting jammed


Check for the wood jambs whether they need any adjustment or replacement.

If it is winter, ensure that the bottom part is not frozen to the concrete.

It is important to lubricate the tracks on a regular basis.

Check if all the moving parts are working properly.

2) Door can’t be raised


Check whether any spring or cable is broken.

Check for locks if you have any.

Check for ice build-up.

3) Shakiness in garage door


Check the pulley sheaves if those are loose or broken.

Check the tracks, hinges, track brackets and rollers since they may need some adjustment.

Verify the horizontal track hangers if they are loose or require any adjustments.

4) Garage door reverse with opener


Check the spring whether it needs any adjustment.

Check door jambs.

Verify up and down limits on the opener.

Check the “eyes” of opener at the bottom of tracks.

5) Door moves side to side in track


Check whether the cables are even in length.

Verify that the tracks are very far from the edge of the door.

6) Hard to open the door from the closed position


If the door is on the door stops, adjust the tracks or reset door stops.

When horizontal tracks get raised above the level, you can just adjust the tracks or slightly increase the spring tension. Note: It is important to read the manual before adjusting the spring.

Increase spring tension slightly if you see very little tension on it.

7) Hard to close the door from the open position


If any sections are bent, tighten the strut fasteners and keep them in place.

Reduce the spring tension if it is very high.

If the horizontal tracks are below the level, raise the rear end of track to the level.

Don’t worry if you can’t carry out the garage door repair on your own. There are many garage door experts in San Antonio and you can call them if necessary.

When your garage door stops working suddenly, you need not worry. This article talks about some of the common garage door repair troubleshooting tips.