Home owners in San Antonio mostly use proper garage door openers as they find them extremely convenient. Getting back home tired from work, they no longer need to get off the car. All they have to do is to use the remote control and keypads for opening the garage doors. If you are looking for the top door openers in the market, you must know for the following details.

Here are 7 basic features of garage door openers –

  1. Lights – This is a very important and basic feature of top door openers. Most of the garage openers come with overhead lights. You can choose lights with a timer as they wait for you to get off from the car, carry your stuff and go inside before turning off automatically. Look for a unit with two bulbs in the recommended wattage.
  2. Speed of operation – If you are someone who cannot wait for doors to open, look for a garage door opener that keeps up with your impatience. The speed at which the best branded door openers work ranges from 7 to 14 inches per second.
  3. Emergency release feature – In case of power outage, you must be able to open the garage door manually. Garage door openers with emergency release feature come with a cord that detaches from the door.
  4. Enhanced safety with force guard control – This feature allows you to operate the garage door with minimal force.
  5. Quiet operation with DC motors – If you want a smooth and quietly operating garage door, choose a DC motor over an AC motor. For huge garages, a ½ HP motor is ideal.
  6. Battery backup – The battery backup feature allows users to use the door opener even if there is no power. This is a vital feature as otherwise you may inadvertently find yourself locked out of your home.
  7. Disabler setting – This is one of the most vital safety features that allow you to disable the garage opener while you are on a vacation. Garage door openers with this feature do not respond to any other neighboring transmitters. This in turn ensures that no one can gain entry into your home when you are away.

A garage door opener in San Antonio with the above mentioned features will serve you optimally for a long time by San Antonio Garage Door Experts.