It is the natural course of machines and equipment to have some wear and tear. In our homes, one of the most used piece of equipment (if you can call it that) is the garage door. The garage door is used multiple times in a day, let alone a week. Therefore, it is bound to have some mishaps here and there.

The following is a list from San Antonio Garage Door Experts of five common garage door repairs that you could do at home.

  • Repair of the Garage Door Cable: The garage door cable serves the purpose of preventing the garage door from slamming down shut when the garage spring breaks. This is a very key part of the garage door mechanism and thus a serious issue in the garage door repair. This cable is quite cheap but the garage door installation of the cable is quite technical and requires a professional.
  • Repair of the Garage Door Spring: Over a period of time the garage door spring gains stress and weakens and it reaches a point that it breaks. Checking your garage door spring should be something that you do from time to time. Unless the spring starts making some strange noises, you do not have to call a specialist.
  • Repair of the Bent Garage Door Track: The garage door track can easily by damaged or bent by collisions with tougher objects. This results in dents and malformations on the garage door track. The garage door repair of going about it is by using a soft mallet. Use a soft mallet to pound the deformed area of the garage door track. Pound the area until it regains a form similar to its original design.
  • Replacing the Transmitter Batteries: The transmitter on the wall that sends the signal in the garage door system runs on electric power provided by batteries. These batteries are bound to run out at some point. The solution to this is just replacing the dead batteries and you will have your garage door up and running as before.
  • Realigning the Garage Door Photo Eyes: A garage door has a a pair of photo eyes. These photo eyes are fixed on either side of the garage door. They work on the principle of an invisible beam transmitted from one eye to the other. When this invisible connection is broken then, the door does not close. If the garage door door does not close, it is good advice to check and make sure the photo eyes are not misaligned or dirty. When either of the two scenarios has occurred, it is time to realign or clean the photo eyes of the garage door.

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The above are just five of the common garage door issues that could occur and ways to fix the situation that comes up or occurs to you. It is important to note that some garage door repair requires the experts to come over and fix. Otherwise, it could result in injuries to anyone attempting to fix the problem. It is always advisable to call when in doubt.